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"It's not bragging if you can back it up." - Muhammad Ali

"I absolutely love this woman! So grateful for her courses  It is my second one already, and I also plan to take the free course. So informative, so crisp, absolutely recommend! Simply TOP!!!! Much gratitude and love from Ukraine"
"The course on Natural Perfumery exceeded my expectations.
Melanie's thoughtfully developed program is excellent for those with minimal knowledge to someone with a vast understanding of essential oils."
"This is an amazing course and Melanie Jane is a very charismatic and beautiful teacher! I'm in love with all products that were taught during this course. I don't remember the last time when I felt so much passion and enthusiasm. Thank you, Melanie Jane.."
Maravilloso!!! Beautiful! She is just amazing, you’ll never get bored, and I don’t have words to express how amazing the products are!!! Already got all the ingredients to make them! She is very clear and clean in her speech.
Great course! Perfect for beginners. For me, it was very interesting to learn Melanie's interpretation from everything with the history to her personal favourite materials. I agree with others her accent is quite charming. Made it fun and exciting.
stella f
I looked at so many online perfume courses and I'm so thrilled I decided on this one. It's not just the most affordable, but Melanie is so engaging I never get bored. It's like being in the same room as her! Also the support she gives is first class. I get answers to my questions the same day, even on weekends!
Very informative! I like your humour! Thank you!
mimoza a
Very happy with the recipes, little extra bits of information, and the lovely stories that were with the video. Had a relaxing time listening & making the wonderful products. Thanks also for all the downloads full of information, warnings, recommendations, & simple to follow instructions. So glad I chose this course, thank you Melanie Jane. :-)
c.a. jones
I absolutely loved this course and Melanie Jane is a brilliant presenter with a fun style. All the presentation of the videos were easy to follow and appealing as well as the resources for printing. Thankyou so much for sharing your knowledge and passion of making natural skincare !!
megan w
I loved the course! Very informative, very inspiring and vivid! Absolutely recommend it to total beginners. Many thanks to Melanie Jane!
Yes, it is what I wanted to learn. The speed and presentation are good. The information just what I was looking for.
christine n
Thank you so much for a wonderful journey with you!!!! I enjoyed every single step. I really enjoy studying with you, It's been wonderful listening to you and learning all the wonderful stuff. I find it amazing, the way you describe everything is really awesome.
Me pareció bastante informativo para empezar con el pie derecho. Además la maestra es agradable.
jaz q
This is an amazing course and Melanie Jane is a very charismatic and beautiful teacher! I'm in love with all products that were taught during this course. I don't remember the last time when I felt so much passion and enthusiasm. Thank you, Melanie Jane.
natallia k
Melanie Jane has mastered the craft of untamed alchemy and her active engagement and continuous exploration has you transfixed and engrossed throughout the session.
You find remedy, inspiration, comfort, hope and above all a sense of joy!
Thank you, Melanie!
Viki Shah - Consulting Editor | Yogalife Magazine
She is wonderfully knowledgeable and has a passion for the skincare range that is visible in her lectures.
reshma p
Your course materials are great and easy to follow. I look forward to great success in my business.
A lot of great information. You can really build a wide knowledge of the possibilities. And I am definitely considering signing up for another one of these courses, to expand on this information. There is a lot more to learn, and I'm eager to learn it.
Love how you go into the details down to the molecular levels. A great introductory course! Thanks Melanie Jane.
Very helpful and beautiful course! Loved all the natural ingredients! Will definitely make this and try them! Lots of love from India!😍😍❤️
F-A-B-U-L-O-S-O, aunque esta en ingles y tardo en traducir, esta genial, hasta este momento lo que vi.
Great course! Perfect for beginners. For me, it was very interesting to learn Melanie's interpretation from the history to her favourite materials. I agree with others her accent is quite charming. Made it fun and exciting.
What a lovely instructor… so much enthusiasm and a pleasure to listen and learn! The type of instructor that will get you moving! I enrolled in every single course she has here and hoping for more to come! Thank you so much!
It's just a rich experience to hear the way she explains every single part of the course. Not only knowledge, but you can feel the passion in every piece of information.
CARLOS. i. f
Thank you so much for your beautiful secrets. I can't wait to try them. I also laugh at your remarks as well. Thank you again for the beautiful products. Please keep up the beautiful lessons.
I love how Melanie is knowledge but presenting it in such a light, fun manner! I consider myself experienced in beauty, yet I still find it insightful and delighted to learn new things from Melanie. Thank you!
This course was quite an interesting journey. It got more beautiful as we moved along. I have more clarity and knowledge brings confidence. Thanks for the easy breezy manner of delivery.
Great information by an instructor who was knowledgeable and kept my attention.
I absolutely loved taking this course and am so appreciative for the depth of knowledge that I obtained!  It is apparent that Melanie Jane is a great in the perfume world and I hope that one day we can meet in person! I look forward to looking into further courses that you offer on your website. Thank you again for all of the information, I took many notes and feel that I am off to a great start!
I enjoy Melanie Jane’s energy and her genuine enthusiasm and love of the history and influence of perfume. It’s making me appreciate it a whole new way! Thank you!
Yes it’s interesting to know the history of perfumes & as I was looking for the best one who can teach to how to make Natural perfumery , so I think I have chosen the best ☝️. Thank you Melanie.
The presentation is clear, structure, greatly informed. Ms. Melanie's unique & credible background certainly taught me a lot from the perspective of a perfume designer.
Enjoyed the visual interaction, it was much easier to understand, and going through different points at a really good pace. Thank you
I loved every minute of it! She knows her stuff, funny, direct, and not a single minute was a waste. She has such an incredible presence that you don't feel the time passing. I did it at one go! Most importantly, she gives a lot of great tips, especially for a beginner like myself. There is a lot of information. Everything is clear.
Muchísima información interesante para aprender sobre los aceites esenciales!! Gracias!!
She explains all concepts very clear and easy to understand. Thanks Melanie Jane for this course. 
Thanks so much Melanie :) You made it extremely exciting and entertaining . Made me fall in love with the world of perfumery. I had lot of fun while going through the entire course
Thank you so much for your expertise and teachings. I am an Avon representative on the fragrance team with Avon cosmetics head office. Although I have been with Avon for 24 years; I have only just realised the passion I have for fragrance. Your course has been fascinating, and I absolutely loved it. I love the way you teach and find you to be very informative and easy to understand. Thank you so much.
Loved this intro course into perfumery. It is presented in sections which are easy to go back to when needed. It really has sparked my interest to learn more. Lots of interesting facts presented in a friendly way. I would definitely recommend to anyone who wants an insight into the world of perfumery.
Taking this course was such a good decision - I’ve learnt so much in such a short time! It’s an incredibly well-rounded course full of interesting and valuable information. It covers all aspects of perfumery and is utterly fascinating! Melanie is such a knowledgeable and engaging person who has a unique and relaxed way of teaching. She helps makes this course not only an invaluable learning resource, but also very entertaining. Highly recommended!
Buon corso con tante informazioni per cominciare il viaggio nel mondo dei profumi.
I have learnt so much on this course already. Thank you Melanie. Its also great as I can go back and recap on the info at any time along with the PDFs. Looking forward to doing the next course. 
Very easy to follow, nothing is complicated to understand and is full of useful information.
Excellent match for me, Melanie is so patient with her teaching and I am learning so much.
So far, I am delighted by the course contents; and, the instructor's presentation style is lovely.
A brilliant course presented by Melanie Jane. Her passion for and knowledge of perfumery is amazing. It was very enjoyable and educational, and I would highly recommend this course. In perfumery terms Melanie Jane hits all the notes!
Melanie is so passionate about perfumery and her skills are incredible. She is a true inspiration to anyone wanting to learn the art of perfumery. I can't wait to put all the course material into practice.
I simply loved loved your tips and love your happy enthusiastic self. thankyou thoroughly enjoyed it. 
This is an amazing course I learned more than I expected to, The instructor described everything so well,
This is a fantastic course. I learnt a lot from this introduction and highly recommend this course, you will not regret it!
I really enjoyed taking this course online, it was very well explained, it was fun and there is sufficient time for one to practice before moving on to the next step. 
Shamsa Almheiri - 
I loved this course! I find Melanie so engaging and makes it so easy to learn about essential oils. Her sense of humour really tops it off!
I would recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in Essential oils who likes to learn in a fun and enjoyable way by an amazing skilled lady such as Melanie 
The course was very comprehensive and easy to understand, and at times when it proved to be difficult for me, Melanie was always an email or a message away. She's a true sweetheart, she made sure I understood everything, and by the time I finished the course, all the knowledge I've gained became second nature, and now I apply it on a daily basis. 
It was a fantastic course, it helped me build confidence in mixing essential oils and creating wonderful fragrances....Melanie is such a wonderful teacher and so positive as a person that you get inspired and what to move on and on...
I literally have a smile every time I see her perform and do all the magic she surely knows best!!!! Thank you, Melanie, for a wonderful journey!!!
Konstantina B
There is so much useful information in this course which really helped me learn a lot about raw materials and oils, and how to mix them successfully to create luxurious skincare items without always having to spend lots of money on expensive ingredients and equipment. Melanie shares her knowledge in a way that is really interesting and easy to understand - and there are some really cool secret tips to learn too! Overall a brilliant and worthwhile course that I feel was well worth the investment.
Yes this course is definitely a good course for me. I've been making perfume for some time now, but was never certain about which note goes first, second or third. Thank You
The best course I've done in a very long time, really loving it. I'm enjoying experimenting with essential oils I have never used before. I would love to attend one of Melanie's live workshops.
wendy lee - escent naturals australia
I have been formulating for a number of years. I love naturals and was pretty much previously self-taught. However, I do hold qualifications in Beauty and Massage.
I do not know everything, and found the details concise, intriguing, and extremely helpful on my journey of delivering natural essences of nature.
Melanie delivers as an absolutely superb passionate journey into learning about Fragrance. My favourite is part three, as it made me realise my ultimate passion is aromatherapy blends.
If you adore fragrance, and naturals, this is your new start to your future. My motto, follow your dreams and desires, Melanie certainly pushes your desires and passions to be the best at what you do.
You need to be totally dedicated, trust me, it is absolutely worth it. Everything is there for you to succeed, follow your dreams.
Thank you so much Melanie for being so super and helping me be the best version of myself. Your knowledge, passion, and understanding, is absolutely the best.
Tanya Baker – Queen of The Nile Incense UK
I'm not yet done with the course but so far, I love how informative and fun Melanie is. I will leave full review once I've completed.
porscha j
I’m not even halfway through the course, but I love the class. I already have my own all-natural skincare small business, so I’m familiar with all of this, but she makes it fun and I’m learning things about essential oils and recipes that I didn’t know. I recommend!
ronna s
The course has been very informative. I have learnt a lot. I am a skin care enthusiast and love natural ingredients and home remedies, so this course really fits the bill for me. My motto has always been falling in love with taking care of yourself naturally. Melanie is an extremely clear and eloquent speaker. Thankyou.
anjali b
Very informative and Melanie is a great teacher! she's passionate about her teaching and her voice is amazing too :)
marlena s
Yes this course is definitely a good course for me. I've been making perfume for some time now, but was never certain about which note goes first, second or third. Thank You

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