Essential Oil Masterclass 

Melanie Jane shares valuable information about essential oils and shows you the easy way to make informed decisions about the oils you will spend your hard earned cash on. 

Learn the truth in this revealing course! 

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What You'll Learn

WHAT essential oils are.
WHERE they are from.
HOW they are extracted.
WHY and how they work.
WHEN you should use them.
HOW to store them.
HOW you should use them.


THE GOOD. THE BAD & THE UGLY. What to look for in an oil.
10 THINGS You need to know before you buy essential oils .
SAVE $$$ with my top tips and avoid bad purchase decisions.

Learn from an expert

Melanie Jane is a qualified Holistic Therapist, and has been working with essential oils since 1998!
So, you can be assured that the information in the course is based on professional, academic studies, and 25 years of practical experience!

This Course Is For You If...

  • YOU want to know what to look for before you invest in an oil collection.
  • YOU want to know the marketing MYTHS that surround essential oils.
  • YOU want to make wise informed choices about the oils you use
  • YOU want to know the simple way to use oils effectively.
  • YOU want to know which oils you should buy first.
  • YOU want to discover the truth about essential oils and not the Bullshit MLM'S tell you.
Don't hesitate

Start Learning The Truth!

What a fantastic course. Filled with lots of valuable information presented in an entertaining and fun way. I loved it. Thanks Melanie Jane.
Meet YOUR instructor

Melanie Jane

"I created this course because I was tired of seeing and hearing really bad 'advice' coming from novices and essential oil resellers. Pyramid scheme companies will tell you just about anything to push their potions, and some of these fables are potentially hazardous. I'm known for being a truth teller and this course reveals the facts you need to know, plus I bust popular myths and reveal my must have oils."
Patrick Jones - Course author

Course contents

Course questions

Do I need any oils for the course?

It's not essential! But if you have some essential oils it will enhance your learning experience. Any pure essential oils will be fine. Watch the video 'Be on the lookout' for tips on buying essential oils.

How do I get access?

Simply sign up the The Scent Academy, choose to enrol on the course, and get immediate access!
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Do I get access to the Community?

Sorry, no. Only paying students get exclusive access to our Frag Queen community. You can see if there are any paid courses you might be interested in here>>>

Will I get a certificate?

Yes. You can download a completion certificate once you've completed the short course.
AMAZING! I just loved every bit of it. I've always had this thing for perfumery (notes) and I guess this is my second step to start my own thing, after Melanie's class.

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Look deep into nature, and you will understand everything better.
albert einstein

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