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Natural Perfumery Diploma 

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Absolutely outstanding course by a truly amazing passionate tutor. Everything about this course is fantastic, the digestible information, the learning platform and the incredible video lessons throughout. 
I am enrolled with other organisations and, this one is light years ahead in comparison.
Whether you are wanting to simply make your own perfumes or create your own business empire, Melanie Jane and her courses are for you. I cannot recommend highly enough.
Michael James - Signature Scents UK

Who Is This Course For?

IT'S so much more than a COURSE FOR PERFUME makers...
  • Budding Perfumers-Your first step into the industry.
  • Indie Perfumers-Make standout scents and get ahead of your competitors.
  • Perfume Sales/Marketing Personnel-Boost your selling power.
  • Brands in the Fragrance Industry-Become an authority on the subject and impress your clients.
  • Aromatherapists-Better your blends and discover the aromatic aesthetics of therapeutic blends.
  • Essential Oil Resellers-Boost your credibility and sales.
  • Beauty & Perfume Professionals-Step up the career ladder with your newfound knowledge.
  • Soap Makers-Make beneficial feel-good fragrances.
  • Skincare Creators-Make natural scents for your products.
  • Candle Makers-Enhance your brand with beautiful scents.

Included in the course

  • 1 CPD accredited certification
  • Immediate access to the course
  • Email support
  • WhatsApp group
  • Community access
  • 43 recorded lectures and video tutorials
  • 7 Workbooks
  • 30+ templates, e-Books, guides, & cheat sheets
  • 3 years UNLIMITED access from anywhere

Become a Fragrance Creator

Learn the art of perfumery, from the expert who created a fragrance for Carlsberg and collaborated with Toyota.
Melanie Jane shares simple scent techniques, that you can easily apply to your own fragrance blends.

A Passionate Instructor

Melanie Jane has been creating natural fragrant blends for 25+ years.
Her method incorporates traditional techniques and her KYSS principle of Keeping Your Scent Simple.
Like Jean Carles, Melanie believes you don't need to be a chemist to be a successful perfumer. In fact being too technical can kill creativity, and the art of designing beautiful fragrances.

Earn Money From Your Skills

You will learn how to create beautiful scents for perfumes, skincare, candles, soaps, and aromatherapy remedies. 
Fragrances so fabulous, you can turn your hobby into a profitable business!

Unlock Hidden Talents 

You'll be astounded at what you can accomplish, when you have a teacher who motivates you to be free and bold with your creative choices.
This interactive and engaging course, will unleash your inner child and inspire you to be unafraid of experimenting, so you can achieve oustanding results and discover skills you never knew you had!
Module 1 check-in with Melanie Jane


  • Understand how to source the right ingredients
  • Set up your workspace on a budget and get organised
  • Use the right equipment and use it right
  • Understand how to weigh and dilute ingredients
  • Create an experimental collection and save $$$
  • Gain a deep understanding of your perfumery materials
  • Get familiar with your fragrance families
  • Train your "Nose Brain" like a pro
  • Odour impact and oils comparison
  • Four methods of building accords
  • Building balanced accords with minimal ingredients
  • Gain the confidence to experiment and make mistakes
  • Learn from those mistakes and make better blends
Module 2 check-in with Melanie Jane


  • Create themes as a base for your perfumes
  • Fragrance briefs, and the method that's right for you
  • Defining factors to consider when creating scents
  • How to rectify a cloudy formula
  • Use the personality test developed by psychologists
  • Put your accords an themes together
  • Create a ready-to-wear perfume
  • How to scale up and scale down
  • The why and how of making large batch neat blends
  • Enhance your skills using minimal ingredients
  • Develop the method of creating that's right for you
Module 3 check-in with Melanie Jane


  • Essential oil profiles for therapeutic perfumes
  • Scents for skincare and the science under your skin
  • Create feel-good fragrances
  • Additional revenue streams for your business
  • Creating bespoke perfumes for clients
  • Business basics, branding, and regulations
  • Outsourcing - the why and how
I'm not saying this because I developed the platform, but the Diploma course really is the most comprehensive, engaging, fun, and affordable perfumery course online. If you don't believe me, just ask my previous students!
melanie jane

Check out the full curriculum...

It's a lot, but shows just how much value you get!

Natural Perfumery Diploma

Meet YOUR instructor

Melanie Jane

"I wanted to put everything I've learned in the last 25 years into one course. It may seem like a big ask, but I eventually achieved it. It's my mission to make The Scent Academy the best online perfumery training platform. My students motivate me every day, and I want them to get the best value that money can buy. This is the first online course I developed, over a period of 18 months, and it's my most popular to date. Students, even ones that have been to a live class, tell me that taking part in this course is like being in the same room with me!"
Patrick Jones - Course author
I loved this course! I find Melanie so engaging and she makes it so easy to learn. Her sense of humour really tops it off. I would recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in perfumery and who likes to learn in a fun and enjoyable way by an amazing skilled lady such as Melanie.

Course questions

Do you sell the perfumery ingredients?

YES! I have a 63-piece raw materials kit called ‘La Petite Parfumerie’ which is an exclusive collaboration with The Perfumer’s Apprentice in the USA. BUY THE KIT HERE
They ship worldwide (except Africa and KSA due to restrictions) and the kit is a perfect balance of luxury and essential ingredients. With a price tag of just $280, it’s an easy decision and I don’t make any profit from it because I want to keep it affordable for my students.
However, you may wish to source your own ingredients, so I’ve provided a verified suppliers list.
I also offer advice on the right equipment you’ll need during the course with tips on how to buy them.

Will I learn enough to make my own perfumes?

You will certainly gain an excellent foundation to start. My courses are very intensive and I teach the way I would want to learn, in a very matter of fact, non waffling way. I teach you the essentials of what you need to know to start your fragrant journey and so much more You will learn more in 3 modules than you would in 3 years of self-studying on forums, blogs and reading books. If you're not sure you can try the Fragrance 101 course first.

How is it possible to learn perfumery online, isn't it better in a live setting to get the best learning experience?

My students say that the online course is like being in the same room as me, except I won’t interrupt you when you speak! But seriously, the lectures are recorded, they are not just boring slides and workbooks, I have video tutorials as well. We work together through the course and in the section where we learn about the oils and the families I am there with you, experiencing those same oils as you while I educate you about them.

You will feel very involved and engaged. I have designed the course the way I would want to learn, and all my students absolutely love it. You will also learn a lot more than you could in a short course.
If you really want a live class then I offer non-residential 5-day courses in France. You can find out more by clicking the Corporate site link in the site footer or visit www.bymelaniejane.com

How do I access the course?

The course is right here at the Scent Academy, a structured online learning portal that gives you access to all you need for an effective learning experience.
Once you sign up, your log in details are emailed to you so you can create your own password. You will then have a dashboard which shows the courses you are enrolled on and the FRAGQUEEN community.

When does my access to the course start?

As soon as you pay you have immediate access to the content which is drip fed over 80 days.
Module 1 is available immediately.
Module 2 after 35 days.
Module 3 after 70 days.
The exam after 80 days.

How long will I have access to the course?

You will have three years access to the Diploma course, so you can take you own time, there are no deadline pressures and the course can work around your lifestyle.
Some students complete it in 12 weeks some take more than a year. I am very flexible and supportive of my student's needs, so if you need more time, I'll give you that too!

Is there a limit to the daily access?

You have 24/7 access which means you can learn at any time from anywhere in the world with absolutely no limits! The lessons require a good internet connection, but the workbooks and guides can be downloaded so you can access them offline.
Think of it like Netflix, you can rewind, fast forward, re-watch, pause, or stop and come back later!

Do you only teach about natural ingredients?

I teach mostly naturals as they are easier to understand when first approaching perfumery, but I do also educate you about natural isolates and synthetic molecules, quite a number are discussed during the course and you can use them to make some of your perfume blends.

Is there any homework?

There is one practical assignment at the end of each module. You can take your time to do this as there is no rush and you submit it through the online learning portal. Once submitted I will review it and give you constructive and helpful feedback.
I am sure with my teachings you will get it approved first time! But if you have gone a little bit awry I can help you get back on track and you may resubmit it as many time as you wish.

Is there an exam?

There is a multiple choice exam with 60 questions, the pass rate is 70%. I need to make sure that you have learnt enough and understood each module before you can gain your certificate and the exam is part of the CPD requirement.

Will I get a certificate?

A CPD Accredited Certificate is awarded upon completion of the modules and a successful exam result. You can download it directly after you've passed the easy exam. You can find out more about CPD here

Do you offer support throughout the course?

Absolutely! Unlike some other online perfume courses, you have several options for educational support:
  1. Email Support. Simply ask me what you need help with.
  2. WhatsApp Support. Send a text or voice message and I will reply in a reasonable timeframe, usually 7 days a week, as I know many students study on weekends.
  3. Course Interaction. During the course you can ask Melanie Jane a question directly from your dashboard.
Melanie delivers as an absolutely superb passionate journey into learning about Fragrance. My favourite is module three, as it made me realise my ultimate passion is aromatherapy blends. If you adore fragrance, and naturals, this is your new start to your future. Melanie certainly pushes your desires and passions to be the best at what you do. You need to be totally dedicated, trust me, it is absolutely worth it.  Thank you so much Melanie for being so super and helping me be the best version of myself. Your knowledge, passion, and understanding, is absolutely the best.
Tanya-Founder-Queen of the Nile Incense
Just like men, perfume is never perfect right away, you have to let it seduce you.
jean patou

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