Creating Natural Skincare 

Recreate 8 of Melanie Jane's secret skincare formulas for the body, face and mind. 
Discover their benefits and learn about skincare science, so you can adapt the recipes to suit certain skin types. Valuable eBooks are included in the course too! 
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Fool-Proof Formulas

The recipes have been tried, tested, and sold to real consumers who absolutely loved every single product! So much so, they were bought in bulk when fresh batches were made. These are not recipes that I found on Google! They were made with intention, and perfected after hundreds of experiments!

eBooks & Guides

The valuable resources that accompany the course, will provide you with in-depth knowledge about the ingredients you use. The 73-page skincare science booklet includes information about skin types, so you can adapt recipes and reveals the best oils to use.
"Maravilloso!!! Beautiful! She is just amazing, you’ll never get bored, and I don’t have words to express how amazing the products are!!! Already got all the ingredients to make them! She is very clear and clean in her speech."

Course contents

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"It's the golden nuggets of information, about skincare and natural ingredients that I share in this course, which makes it so valuable and unlike any other short course on creating natural products. PLUS they are all tried and tested formulas that my customers would buy in bulk!"
melanie jane
Meet your instructor

Melanie Jane

I created this course for natural skincare lovers. Every recipe has been tried and tested, and aside from the cold cream recipe, I successfully sold them to my customers in Dubai, who fell in love with every single product. The inspiration for the course came about when I realised I preferred teaching to selling skincare! But also, from all the bad information that's out there. DIY skincare is a confusing and oversaturated market, and I felt the need to show people how to create effective and superb products, with minimal ingredients, using tried and tested formulas. Less really is more!
Patrick Jones - Course author

Natural Skincare

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