The Rolls Royce of Bottles

M.J. Nightingale
Which bottles do you use for storing your oils?

With so many bottles to choose from for storing your precious oils, which type should you be using?

I’ve spotted the ones in the post picture, in professional perfume labs in France. Whilst they’re sort of fine for neat oils, I wouldn't recommend them for a diluted collection.
They're not airtight, and the alcohol evaporates quickly, trust me I know from experience.
Even if you use them with neat oils (as I've seen some experts do) they screw the non-screwable lid so tight that you might as well be grinding glass into your oils!!

There seems to be a trend for clear bottles, and whilst it's nice to see the liquid inside because colours of oils vary, I even use them for that reason in my perfume classes, for long-term use I wouldn't recommend them. Simply because one of the greatest destroyers of oils is light, it decreases their shelf life dramatically.
Coloured glass is much better than clear, you can use amber, green or cobalt blue. BUT you can see from the image of the amber bottle how much light still gets through. The same with blue or green.
If you want the Rolls-Royce of coloured glass bottles, you won't find better ones than Violet Miron glass. I use them in my Scent Studio and have been using them for my own skincare products and perfumes for years.

They’re pretty much smash proof too, another thing I know from experience!

Check out the last pic that demonstrates their superiority with a fresh chive test. The chives were stored in 3 different bottles for 3 months and the results are clear.

Should you use the droppers though or screw lids? That’s a whole other post…
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